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Retention of Accident Records

Further details on retention of record sheets for both Adults and Young People.Adults – Accident record sheets should be retained for 3 years after the date of record completion.

Young Persons – Accident records should be retained for 3 years after their 18th Birthday regardless of the date of completion of the record.
(ie a beaver of 6 years age has an accident then you will have to hold the record securely for approximately 15 years, regardless of whether they stay in “scouting” or not.)

If an accident is serious and is reportable through National Scout Head Office, then all the relevant information is forwarded to Gilwell and they will keep the records for the appropriate period.

The forthcoming changes on the Data Protection rules may alter the current position, but if so this will be circulated at that time.

If you need anymore details please contact of Safety Coordinator, Charles McIlwhan