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Recommended articles from the latest Scouting Magazine, chosen by the County Team.

The latest Scouting magazine should be dropping through peoples letterboxes soon, where eager dogs up and down the country try and get the first read in, with their teeth.

Now, unless you have a robotic dog (you mean you don’t have one yet?) the online version should be safe enough and in one piece. You can find it here

The County Team have already given it the once over and have given us some recommended reading. So grab a coffeelateechino and prepare to have your tummy rubbed.



Matthew Burrell – County Commissioner

Prepare for GDPR – Page 6.

On page 6 there is a reminder about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), this becomes law in May and provides new rigour around what personal information organisation should hold and how they process it.

While new regulation is often seen as a headache or more ‘red tape’ personally I really like some of the ideas of GDPR, particularly the clarity it brings about being easy to opt out of something as it was to opt in. I hope it will finally see an end to all those phone calls I get trying to flog me things – I never asked for it, I don’t want, remove me!

The general principles of GDPR remain the same as previous regulation:

  • You must have a reason to have the information
  • You must have collected is fairly and it is up-to-date
  • You only hold absolutely what is required to run Scouting
  • If should be kept safe and disposed of securely when no longer needed

GDPR should be an agenda item for all Scouting Trustees at the moment, more guidance will follow keep an eye on County Updates

Getting personal – Page 72.

I am always interested in the Personal Challenge Awards our Young People achieve.

Very often I am asked to present a Young Person with a top award, the question I always ask them is ‘What did you do for your personal challenge?’ often after an awkward silence the reply will be ‘I can’t remember’, which raises the question was it a very useful challenge?

On the opposite side of the coin at a recent group celebration I was talking to a young lady about her football coaching personal challenge for nearly 30 minutes. (and I know nothing about football!)

The article on page 72 provides a really good insight for section leaders about the purpose of this award, which has the potential to make a real impact on our Young People, I also like the ideas to involve parents too.


Jane Warden – Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

National Memorial Arboretum – Page 22.

I saw the advert for this and also seen several comments on 1st Facebook Scout group this week about whether this was suitable for young people and the answer is YES!

I accompanied a group of Scouts and Young Leaders last summer whilst camping in the area  – you need to book groups in advance, and minibus/coach parking is free

They will then send you booklets full of activities you can use whilst there and we picked some up – Memorial Bingo, Animal trail and the Trenches experience

Not knowing how well this would all go down with the young people we allowed 2 hours for our visit, but 4 hours later were still there, after coming together at the large memorial (after laying a wreath at the Scouting one) and the young people asking so many questions to the staff.

Great afternoon out and well worth a visit

Make and Do – Page 39.

The Really Wild Challenge

I love this challenge – this can be used in conjunction with Challenge 2 of the Go Go Hares Challenges for Beaver Scouts – gives you something else to expand the programme and the nature idea with – why not have a go and post the results for everyone else to see on the Sharing Centre?


Neville Jarvis – Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Development and Support)

Scouting Their Way to Success – Page 29.

An excellent article on how experiences in Scouting can positively influence success in further education and work.
A number of Scouters share their experiences in working life and how Scouting has helped them to succeed.

In Praise of the Long Walk – Page 46.

An excellent article on the benefits of walking. How it can be beneficial for the body, the mind and also the social benefits of walking.

The article can be found on Page 46 and when you have read this why not take a look at Walk This Way on page 74 and include walking in your programme planning.


David Cubitt – Deputy County Commissioner (Operations)

Coming Soon New Young Leader Resources – Page 6.

On Page 6 is a small item about New resources for Young Leaders, as these people are the future us I would encourage all to keep an eye out for this new resource as we need to encourage and support all our young leaders as they are the future.

How to Run a Community Impact Project – Page 62.

When I was A GSL my group started a Christmas Meal for the elderly and lonely of the local village, where they received a three course meal along side drink which was cooked by Leaders and Committee members.

A Christmas card that was made by the Beavers, the Cubs make a gift for them all and the Scouts serve the meal and provide entertainment for the guests. This has been running now well over 10 years and is one of the most talked about events in the village.

We do try and get things sponsored so it opens it up to a wider audience. So I would really encourage you all to have a read of this article and think what you could possibly do for a Community Impact Project. 

Rena Savage – County Chairman

Scouting their way to success – Page 29.

Scouting their way to success – page 29 and New research confirms: Scouts strengthen communities – blog on main site

These are both excellent articles around how scouting has benefited and developed young people in gaining careers.

I was pleased to see that this confirms the type of skills our young people feel they gain during their time in scouting and why they continue to be part of our great Association.

I was excited to attend our County Youth Shaped event a few weeks ago with the County Commissioner, District Youth Commissioner and Explorers.   Interestingly our young people shared, that though learning and taking part in axe work, map reading, or other practical activities was great.

What was more important to them was what they were learning while taking part.  Their feedback was all around life skills such as the team building, communication and leadership.  This they felt made them more well-rounded individuals and impacted in as positive way in their lives.

It’s fantastic to have the feedback that Scouting has such a great impact on our young people.

A new member of the gang – Hermione Drew shares her experience of juggling volunteering with starting a family – Page 35.

I found this to be positive article on how as a scouting family we support each other in our volunteering when our life situations change.   On Saturday I was delivering Module 37 to volunteers on District Appointment teams which is all about the ‘Adults in Scouting model’.

It was a good day with positive individuals who shared with me very enthusiastically how important it is to support new and existing members.  It was great to hear their feedback.

Supporting volunteers can be through our scouting structures such as Executives, line management, appointment committees or within our teams.

I strongly believe that if we get the support right, we retain new and existing members who see volunteering in scouting as a great experience.

Dom Belcher – County Youth Commissioner

New Resources for YL- Page 6.

This is only a small article and I know many people will say “oh no not another change to YL” however, to me it shows nationals committment to YL and their development. It also provides a link to some great resources to suppourt YL! Exiting things to come me thinks.

Page 24, 25, 26

This article is about what we, as an association, have achieved in the last 4 years.

However my attention was drawn to Page 25 and the image. It really highlights why we volunteer and the impact we can have on young people and the community.  I also don’t like lots of words and the catchy image was a great way to grab my attention and give me some key facts. See what you think.