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Beaver Damboree 2018

Information regarding the Beaver Damboree 2018

At the beginning of 2015, all restrictions on Beavers and Cubs camping were removed to bring them into line with the Scouts and Explorers, this meant that Beavers could camp in tents for as many nights as the Leaders wanted too.

Neither Section now needs to have alternative accommodation as a matter of course either, as used to be the case.  It is now up to the Leader running the camp to decide whether it is appropriate.

A major part of Scouting is getting outside and having fun, camping is a great way to do this.

Scouting is all about progression – Beavers to get used to camping in tents, Cubs getting used to putting tents up, Scouts are then used to camping so issuing passports for Patrol camps becomes easier as they are competent leading onto Explorers having more expeditions independently.  So this makes Beavers a really important Section, get it right with them and the other Sections will achieve much much more.

To help promote the change, a group of individuals have come together to stimulate an unofficial event across the country in 2018.

This is called the Beaver Damboree 2018.

Beavers camping out can gain an occasional Badge, which they can now wear on their uniform (Thanks Matthew!).  This can be worn until March 2019.

Leaders who help on the event will be able to gain a silver version of the occasional Badge.

Leaders who gain a permit because of the Camp will be awarded a limited addition gold occasional badge.

If you have a look at this website there is lots of information on how to gain a permit and the rules around this – its easier than you think.  There are also the requirements for the badges, and how to order them.

There is also a Facebook group which you can join to get support.

For those of you fairly new, gaining a permit can auto validate Module 16 saving having to go on the course.

So far in Norfolk, we have an estimated 230 Beavers taking part across 10 Colonies, with one District event.

Lets see if we can get a lot more and get Norfolk in the Top Ten.

If you have any questions on how to get your Nights Away Permit, or relating to your camp, Speak to your ADC Beavers, your District Nights Away Advisor or failing either of those, contact myself through the County Office, I will only be too happy to help.

Go Beavers

Tony Buttifant

UK Technical Advisor for Nights Away