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Don’t panic!

Last week many Group, District and the County Executive members will have received an email from Tim Kidd and Ann Limb about the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The email contains a link to a very helpful toolkit to support preparations for compliance with this new legislation.

While we have been expecting the toolkit for some time, many of us, myself included were a bit taken aback by just how comprehensive it was!

I appreciate that you may have liked a heads up it was coming, I am sorry if it alarmed anyone.

Over the next few weeks the County Trustees will be getting familiar with the tool kit to be able to support if you have any questions or concerns. Some districts are taking a joined up approach that several groups are working together to complete the kit.

Please do take time in your Executives to explore and understand the supporting material for GDPR, it is very important, but once understood can be applied in a sensible and straightforward manner.

Thank you for the work that you do to support Scouting, and helping us adapt as the world changes around us.

If you have any initial concerns, please contact your District Commissioner.

Thank you


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner