How very sociable!

Volunteering with Scouting must have rewards, can you help others to find them?

Working with Young People in Scouting can be very rewarding itself, but there are a wider set of rewards that are not sometimes so obvious that can help new and existing members feel valued.

For example, many groups run social events and fundraisers, that are open to anyone to come along and have a good time. There are also many retailers or companies who will give our members discount as a thank you for what they do.

I am look for a small social working party to help better share these benefits.

The working party’s tasks would be:

  • Be a point of contact for Scout Groups wanting to advertise events to other Scouters
  • Collate details of events across Norfolk, that volunteers and their families might be interested in, these could vary from Jumble Sales to Curry Nights
  • Formalise and maintain an official list of ‘Scout Discounts’ for members to benefit from
  • Help promote national partnerships that offer benefits to members
  • Create a bi-monthly ‘newsletter’ that details all of the events and discounts available for Scouters
  • Annually in September, create a Scout Fireworks Display list of public displays that are organised by Scout Groups, to be used to promote these events internally and externally

If you think this is something that you would like to help with or have the skills to support please get in touch with me