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Support for Executive Committees

Details of material, webinars and a day for supporting grant applications and with governance.

Governance and grants

Top tips webinars!

Use the links below to join the relevant webinars, sharing good practice and top tips to help ensure your grant applications are successful.

Thursday 14 June at 7:30pm – Accounts for grants

Monday 18 June at 7:30pm – Making grant applications

Wednesday 27 June at 7:30pm – Reporting on grants

Welcome pack for new trustees in England and Wales.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has launched a new charity trustee welcome pack. It’s worth taking a look, even if you’re an experienced member of the Executive Committee, for some handy links and other organisations who can support you in your role.

Face to Face support

Also don’t forget 18 November 2018, Norfolk are holding our Trustee Day, called ‘TRUST 2018’. Find out more information here.