Explorer Activity Leadership Permit Assessments

The adventurous activity permit scheme is open to all, even explorers.

Do you have an explorers who have experience in running activities and want to gain an activity permit to take others out? On the weekend of Friday 31st August – Sunday 2nd September, assessments for activity leadership permits for Explorers is taking place at Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre.

The weekend will involve training on leadership and for those with the technical skills and good leadership skills, they can gain a leadership permit to take other young people out such as other explorers or scouts. A leader would still be required but only from a safeguarding point of view, the leader would not need to have a permit.

Cost is £35 per person including assessments.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Darren, Norfolk MAPS on


Commonly asked questions

  • Can young people under 18 run activities? Yes, the activity permit scheme has no lower limit. If the young person has the technical abilities and shows leadership skills then they can gain a permit to take other young people out.
  • Does an adult need to be around still? Yes, Scouting still require a leader to be around for the activity, however they would not need the permit as the young person with the permit is assessed for safety.
  • When they turn 18, what happens to their permit? When the young person turns 18, they would have to do the normal adult appointment process (such as modules 1 and 2). Once their appointment is confirmed, they can then gain the permit again.
  • Would there be any restrictions on the activity permit? As they are under 18, we would look to what is the most appropriate ratio of young people. For instance, they may have a restriction of 4 other people applied to the permit to allow them to get used to leading and then once they turn 18 they can get re-assessed and may have their ratio increased based on their experience.
  • Does the weekend include training? As this is designed for young people, there will be a small amount of training to help the young people gain the most from their permits. If they are not yet at a stage to be assessed they will gain an action plan to help improve their skills.