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Adding Roles on Compass

If you add new members or roles to Compass please see this important update

To help both the County and District Teams provide support to Groups and Individuals, it is important to know what each of our volunteers do.

Unfortunately it is possible to add a role to a new or existing member on Compass and miss an important stage which makes an adult’s contribution much easier to identify.

If you add roles to Compass, particularly to adults working in the youth sections, please make sure you select a Role Variant that indicates the section the person is working with.


Step 1. Location

Select the District, Group and Group Section the adult is working with.

Please note that although the Group Section gives an indication of the type of role the adult performs it is not easy for others to always find this information.


Step 2. Role

Use the dropdown to select Section Leader, Assistant Section Leader or Sectional Assistant

When you have selected a role, the ‘Select Role Variant’ drop down will become available.


Step 3. Select Variant

From the Select Role Variant drop down select the section the at the adult is volunteering with.

You will notice that the Visible Role Title will update to reflect the full appointment title.

Please note that role variants exist for a number of roles including Assistant District Commissioner, Explorer Scout Leaders, Advisors and Assessors and should always be checked to ensure the most detailed role description is created.

Enter a start date and click ‘Save’ or ‘Next’ depending on which part of the appointment process you are following.


Step 4. Check

By checking the ‘Roles’ screen on Compass you will see that a full detail role description has been added.

Thank you for taking the extra time to ensure that we hold the best detailed records that we can, this helps in communication, awards processes and identifying adults who might benefit from training or development opportunities.