Essential Scouting Magazine Reading

Recommended articles from the latest Scouting Magazine, chosen by the County Team.

The latest Scouting magazine has arrived and who better to advise on key articles than the County Team!

Collectively, more than a few hours have been spent reading and analysing the latest Scouting Magazine to bring you their top choices. Here we have the County recommendations and their reasons for choosing.

As always, it’s prudent to have a beverage, a cold one considering the weather, before you get stuck in.

The digital version of the Scouting magazine can be found here



Matthew Burrell – County Commissioner

Pages 9 and 66, Spotlight on safeguarding volunteers and Creating safe spaces 

Safeguarding is on a volunteers mind at all times, that is not because we are afraid something will go wrong that because we are in a position of trust to look after a family’s most precious possession.

Norfolk Scouts has developed a very good standard of safeguarding awareness, something that is evidenced by leader’s reactions. We do pass on a number of concerns each month to the UK Safeguarding Team and I am happy to say relatively few of these ever go on to become anything more than a check that everything is OK.

We have however seen the number of worries about Young People experiencing potential neglect or concerns that everything is not OK at home raised by leaders. I know that volunteers can find this potentially embarrassing or worry about raising this concern. However in my experience often a call to the family from our Safeguarding Team or an enquiry through a professional via school or Children’s Services can be the gateway to understanding what is going wrong, it may be a broken relationship or financial difficulties and get families a bit of help and support to get thing turned around. To me, that is one of the most powerful acts of Community Impact we can make.

Don’t forget we have Safeguarding Awareness Coordinators Peter and Trudy available if your group would like to have a refresher on Safeguarding.

Skills for Life Supplement – Page 6

This chart lays out easily what the Scouts vision is for the next five years and how we can contribute to achieving vision and goals. To keep things easy, Norfolk has aligned our Strategy and Plan to the same headings. We shared our broad plan at the recent District AGMs, the final plan goes to the board on 30 July, so I hope to be able to share in detail soon after.


Jane Warden – Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

Page 86 – Build a Cardboard Oven

If you have never done this before, have a go. The young people love it and its great fun  -my top tips are to ensure every corner of the box is covered in tin foil and use a decent quality masking tape – then the suggestion is cooking cupcakes, these work really well!. Also try making your own mini pizzas – savoury muffins cut in half, then add your own toppings and pop in the oven. Lovely pizzas!

Centre pages 22 May 2017

I actually read this first when my magazine arrived and by the time I had finished reading it I was in tears. The story of a Scout leader caught up in the Manchester Arena attack last year made me think about what I would do in that situation. As a leader with first aid training and used to dealing with large amounts of people at events, would I have gone back in to help?

It also gives a really good insight into what the monies for the Bee badges are now going towards.

Neville Jarvis – Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Development and Support)

Creating Safe Spaces – Page 66

An excellent article in support of safeguarding and as the item describes itself – How to create a supportive environment where young people can speak up if something is wrong. I would suggest that this applies to adults as well. All members of Scouting, regardless of age, should be able to speak out if something is not right.  

Share Skills – Page 73

What a good programme idea for Beavers, Cubs Scouts and Explorers to share skills with others. But, why just the young people? Adults have skills and we talk of Skills for Life and Scouting Skills. We should all be encouraged to share our skills with others whether it is 1-2-1,  n Groups, In Districts or County [we are arranging a County Skills day next spring]. 


David Cubitt – Deputy County Commissioner (Operations)

Memory Lane – Page 51

This is a good article to read. As the ageing population is growing, dementia is one of the largest growing illnesses. As this is very close to my heart I can speak from first-hand experience that when young people visit or are around people with dementia they are a different person.

I would challenge you all to try and link up with an old people’s home that has a dementia wing and see for yourselves how the residents react to the young people visiting. I would love to come and visit with you if you invite me.

Breaking bread, breaking barriers – Page 70

Combating loneliness is another growing problem. This is where groups/ sections can work together with the local community to put on a tea party for people who live alone.

People such as the local rector or old folks club would be able to help highlight those residents who would benefit from a tea party. Local supermarkets and businesses may be willing to support you with this as long as you give them plenty of notice with your requests.

Tailor you requests with specific items you are looking for rather than a general request for help, you often get better results.  My old scout group has been running a Christmas dinner for local residents who have experienced loneliness for over 12 years now, with all sections taking part in the event. Beavers make cards, Cubs make a gift and Scouts serve the meal which has been cooked by leaders and the committee.  While the washing up is going on, the Scouts then provide entertainment for all, from talent shows, sing-alongs to bingo with varying degrees of success!