Multi Module Training Weekend

A Multi Module Training Weekend is being held Friday 19 to Sunday 21 October at the Horstead Centre.

Friday 19 Saturday, 20 Sunday and 21 October 2018

The Horstead Centre, Rectory Road, Horstead, Norwich, NR12 7EP

We will be delivering the following modules

Friday evening (7.00pm – 9.00pm)

Promoting Positive Behaviour (15) promote positive behaviour and appropriately manage challenging behaviour in their section

International (19) to provide an international focus appropriate to their section and appreciate the global nature of scouting


Saturday morning (09.30am – 1.00pm)

Delivering a Quality Programme (12a) to provide all with information about how to deliver quality scouting to young people and how we ensure it meets their needs. 

Safeguarding awareness (please note this session will commence at 10.15am until 12.15pm)mandatory module with discussion a reminder of do’s and don’t’s scenarios and update


Saturday afternoon (2.00pm – 5.00pm)

Scouting for all (7) provide an introduction to equal opportunities and practical advice about how to make scouting inclusive for all

Adminstration (11) provide information and best practice on how to manage admin tasks in scouting, record keeping finances


Sunday morning (09.45 – 1.00pm)

Programme planning (12b) provide section leaders with an opportunity to plan and review a sectional programme including the use of a variety of methods to generate programmes

Supporting young people (14) enable adults to understand and meet the needs of young people and create a supportive environment


Sunday afternoon (2.00pm – 4.00pm)

Skills of Leadership (8) to cover the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective leader including listening skills, decision making structures and effectively representing others.

On line internet safety for young people overview for leaders


Apply to book for some or all of the modules by contacting Jane McIlwhan, County Training Registrar:


Overnight accommodation is available in shared dormitory style rooms

Please remember you must be 18 or over, meals and accommodation must be booked in advance, meals are  available from Saturday breakfast through to Sunday lunch

Closing date for applications:  Sunday 7 October 2018