Affiliation with The Royal British Legion

I am  delighted to confirm that Norfolk County Scout Council have become members of The Royal British Legion (RBL) Youth Affiliation Scheme. The partnership was formally launched today at NORJAM2018.

The Affiliation is a formal recognition from both our organisations of the activities we provide and parts we play in our local, national and international communities.

It means that we will both promote, support and encourage each other in our local communities and build bonds greater than just a nod and smile on Remembrance Sunday.

Our greater working together will help Norfolk Scouts work towards our goal of having a greater Community Impact.

The benefits for Scouting

The RBL can help Volunteers and Young People in many ways including:

  • Arranging for RBL members to visit section meetings to explore the work of Legion, remembrance and peace.
  • Easier ability to take part in supporting the Annual Poppy Appeal.
  • Providing access to free resources to support section programmes.
  • Creating opportunities to support community areas of Top Awards.
  • Potential to take part in unique Legion events and training including Standard Bearing
  • Access to gain an insight to a local Legion Branch, to allow consideration of joining.
  • A source of potential new skilled volunteers for Scouting

The benefits for The Royal British Legion

Scouting can provide the RBL with many opportunities to support their work including:

  • Helping young people understand the issues of Remembrance, conflict and the importance of peace.
  • Promoting RBL Branches locally and Youth Membership
  • Creating easy access to local Scouting with requests for support and working together
  • Ability to easily signpost local Scout groups as a place to volunteer for their members and the Military Service leavers that RBL support

To help support our better working together, RBL County Chairman, John Boisson and I have asked Trevor Orford (an RBL member himself) to act as a liaison between Scouting and the RBL and vice-versa.

If you would like more information, organise a visit or want to know how your section could support the RBL in a Community Impact project please contact Trevor.

Members of the Norfolk Scouts County Team may now wear the RBL’s Affiliated Unit Badge, on their uniforms on the left arm of the shirt (opposite arm to County badge). These are available from the County Office.

Districts and Groups can also look to affiliate individually with their local RBL Branches, Trevor can help you to follow this simple process.

I am looking forward to seeing the opportunities this exciting new relationship can bring both our organisations.


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner (Norfolk)