NORJAM – Thank You

It’s hard to believe that NORJAM has been over nearly a week already!

I hope like me you are still enjoying the post-Jamboree buzz, the feedback received and comments on Social Media continue to fill me with an enormous sense of pride.

I have to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved in our Jamboree, no matter how small you think your contribution was, you are still responsible for delivering an epic celebration of Scouting and Guiding, and bringing the big wide world Costessey for a week.

Remember you can keep fuelling your memories with the following:

NORJAM Website

Official Photos

Official YouTube Channel

BBC Radio Norfolk Coverage (available until 12 September)

I am sure many of you are having a hard earned rest (albeit you might be back at work!), sometimes as a County we can appear to struggle to organise and support events that promote Scouting externally or provide wider programme opportunities, yet NORJAM reminds us that when we work as a team, we can be unstoppable.

If NORJAM has given you an idea that you would like to help a bit more with some extra one-off activities outside of your day-to-day role then please get in touch with me, there are always little (or quite big) projects that pop up to support our plan and it is useful to have a wider idea of people who would like to get involved.

Thanks again


Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner (Norfolk)

P.S. Remember on camp… wash your hands, wash your hands and then wash them again! 😊

Here a few of my favourite bits from my phone…

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