TRUST Conference 2018

Introducing TRUST, our first ever one day Trustees’ Conference to support good governance.

We want to ensure that all volunteers understand their role in Scouting, and that includes Executive Members who play a big role in our charity trusteeship.

The conference will be opened by Stuart Howells, Vice Chair of the Scout Association. It will be an exciting day of governance workshops and 1:1 surgeries to equip volunteers with the tools to be a trustee.

We are holding TRUST on 18 November 2018, well out of AGM session and before the Census activity.

Our vision for 2023, is for our amazing leaders will be delivering skills for life to over 7,000 Norfolk young people each week.

We know that we cannot deliver great programmes or enjoy growth of both young people and adult volunteer numbers, if the infrastructure, facilities, funding and safeguards are not in place.

Find out more information about TRUST, it will be a useful day for new and long serving members to find out up to date information and brush up on skills.

We really value the often unseen work of our Trustees (Executive Committee Members) and we hope that you will join us!

Rena & Matthew

Rena Savage – County Chair

Matthew Burrell – County Commissioner