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How long should it take to wash your hands?

Find out!

As you may be aware at our recent Jamboree, NORJAM 2018 there was an outbreak of Gastroenteritis (vomitting and diarrhoea), sometimes called Norovirus.

We were able to control the spread of the virus because of our emergency plans that we put into place. However some people were still very poorly and had a sad end to their Jamboree.

A key finding from the wash up with Public Health England after the outbreak was that adults and young people did not not know that anti-bacterial gels are not effective in stopping the spread of Gastroenteritis and the best way to help stop passing on illness is through good hand washing with soap and water.

Please take a look at this poster provided by Public Health England which demonstrates a good hand washing technique… and tells you how long to wash them for! 🙂

Handwashing technique with soap and water

Next time you are doing an activity or on a residential that provides the opportunity to practice good hand washing please try to incorporate it into the activity. It may help ensure you have a good time, and is certainly a Skill For Life.