GoGo Hares make a mint!

In April last year, Norfolk Scouts launched their challenge badge for all uniformed members in association with the GoGoHares project.  The challenge badge was suitable for all Young People in Scouting and the Guide movement too.

The series of four challenges included hare related activities from craft, sports, fundraising and pioneering that culminated in the young people taking part in finding the GoGoHares on the trails.

Norfolk Scouts also provided a cleaning service mid way through the trail armed making sure the sculptures all looked their best for their visitors.

The team at Break headed up by Martin Green, Project Manager said ‘it was wonderful to see so many young people joining in with their units finding the hares and planning their routes to tick off as many as possible in their normal meeting times.  It was a delight to see so many uniforms festooned with the GoGoHares badge during the trail and there was a great synergy with our GoGoCreate learning programme too’.

This week the GoGoHares team, were invited down to Eaton Vale Activity Centre, the Head Quarters of Norfolk Scouts to meet some of the young people who had taken part and to reveal the amount they have made for the charity by selling the cloth challenge badges.  The money raised was a staggering £3,256! This was enhanced by the inclusion of the NORJAM international jamboree held in the summer at the Norfolk Showground, that encouraged thousands of participants from around the world to enjoy the hare trail and visit Norwich too.

Michael Rooney, Head of Commercial services said ‘Thank you from everyone at Break for raising this fabulous amount of money in such a positive way, encouraging people to enjoy the fresh air, visiting new locations and working together as a team is truly inspiring and we are keen to keep up the links with the scouting movement.’

The presentation was outside the front of Eaton Vale with Bajestic the scouting GoGoDragon watching over!

Matthew Burrell, county commissioner of Norfolk Scouts said ‘We wanted to get involved in a challenge badge again as it had such a positive impact on local communities as well as raise an insight into the work that Break undertakes with young people’.

The Moving on team guide, and support young care leavers when they leave the formal care system, at just 18. This could be the simple things we take for granted like teaching young people to cook, pay bills, live independently and continue in education or training. The Moving on Team are the extended family for these young people and support them in the next stage of their lives and beyond.


BREAK Charity representatives with Norfolk Scouts & Jane Warden revealing the amazing amount of money raised! 


Scouts receiving a thank you gift from the BREAK Charity


Jane receiving a thank you gift from the BREAK Charity