Remembrance 2018

This year marks 100 years since the end of World World One tell us how your group are marking Rembrance Sunday and find out about a special legacy you can help create

Remembrance Sunday 2018 – Take a special photo!

A joint message from John Boisson, Chairman, Royal British Legion (Norfolk Branch) and Matthew Burrell, County Commissioner, Norfolk Scouts

Special Remembrance Sunday
Remembrance Sunday this year falls on Sunday 11 November, exactly one hundred years from the armistice taking effect and bringing an end to the First World War.

Reaching out
Earlier this year the Royal British Legion and Norfolk Scouts became affiliated, this means that both organisations will support each other to achieve our aims and objectives, many of which are similar or the same.

Remembrance Sunday is a time when many members of the Legion and Scouting will come together in their communities, we’d like to create a legacy from this year’s Remembrance.

We’re encouraging Scout Groups and Local Legions to take the opportunity to introduce themselves to each other before or after the Service and take a very special photograph.

You could swap contact details to organise a further catch up at part of a Scout programme.

Photo of Friendship

Please take a photograph of local members of the Legion and Scouting together with the Legion and Scouting Standards.

Email your photo to for it to be included in a special time capsule that will be held in the Norfolk Scouts Archive, the photos could also appear online.

The photos will be shared via the Royal British Legion with veterans who cannot make a community remembrance service, to show them that the next generation are carrying on the message of remembrance and peace.

Feel free to share your photos on the day using Social Media, please tag both organisations to your photo.

@PoppyLegion @NorfolkScouts

@RoyalBritishLegion @NorfolkScouts

Thank you for your support of our new affiliation, we look forward to seeing your photos!

Please also take a minute to complete the following survey about Remembrance 2018, this will be captured on our Remembrance Map.

Matthew & John

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Please ensure that you have the relevant permission for Young People’s photographs to be used online and potentially outside Scouting. Norfolk Scouts will assume that this has been collected locally for any photo submitted.