Refresh your knowledge

Take time to do some of Scouting’s online learning this Christmas and raise a little money for our young people too.

As adults in Scouting we commit to regularly refreshing our knowledge in a number of key areas these are:

  • Safeguarding – refreshed at least every five years
  • Safety – refreshed at least every five years
  • First Aid – refreshed at least every three years


Over the festive break why not take the opportunity to invest a couple of hours brushing up on these important topics and helping to ensure that your records are up-to-date?

Your help can also support our young people heading to the World Scout Jamboree in America next summer.


How you can help?


First Aid

Have you completed a suitable First Aid qualification in the last three years?

Take five minutes to check that Compass has been correctly updated with the date that you completed your training.

How to check your Ongoing Learning in Compass.

If it hasn’t, don’t worry, email a copy (a photo is fine) of your certificate to and we will make sure that your records are correctly updated.


Safeguarding and Safety

Both Safeguarding and Safety Ongoing Learning can be completed online using the Scout Association’s training material.

Take some time to revisit these subjects and completed the training. Email a copy of the completion certificates (a photo is fine) to and your learning will be added to your record.

For every certificate we receive by 31 January 2019 from a Norfolk adult volunteer, we will donate 25p to the World Scout Jamboree fundraising on your behalf. Even if you are renewing your learning early!


You can complete the Safeguarding Training here:

You can complete the Safety Training here:,301&moduleID=10


Thank you for your support!


*maximum 1 certificate per training, per person.