Sixer and Seconder Training

Sunday 20 January, at the Alec Bussey Centre a very well received and attended Training session.

Sixers and Seconders are Cub Scouts (young people aged between 8 and 10 years) who have been selected to help lead their peers. Sixers and Seconders are given an appropriate amount of responsibility and work with the adult volunteer team.

Sixer and Seconder training has been developed to help young people understand the roles they play in their Cub pack and gain leadership skills.

This is the first session of its kind run just for adults; Up to now Cubs have attended with just as much enjoyment. The purpose of the day was to upskill adults to be able to run the sessions themselves.

The Session, ran by Jane Warden DCC Growth supported by various members of the County Training Team.

The training session which ran for the entire morning was attended by 26 adult volunteers including two members of the newly formed Media team! The leaders came from across the entire county and at all stages of their Scouting Journey as leaders.


Heidi Hennessey
Norfolk Scouts Media