European Jamboree 2020

Contingent Leaders and International Service Team announcement.The European Jamboree will offer attendees 11 days of activities, combining the chance to develop new skills, make new friends from across Europe and experience Poland’s beautiful countryside.

Norfolk will be sending 5 patrols of 9 young people to the Jamboree. Applications for young people closed in December.

Interviews for the contingent leaders and IST took place in November, with all applicants being offered a position as either a Unit Leader or IST.

I am pleased that following this process I can confirm that our Unit Leaders are:
• Ivan Newson
• Simon Tubby
• Sam Mackelden
• Abi Karreman
• Carolyn Cooper

Our IST members are:
• Heather Newton
• Anna Gulewich
• Kate Gulewich
• Scott Millard
• Simon Alexander
• Beka Millard

The adult team met for the first time on Sunday 13 January to get to know each other, exchange ideas on fundraising, the review process and the route for the Jamboree.

Many thanks,

Beka Millard
Assistant County Commissioner (International)
T) 07792 533792