Norfolk Media Team Goes Purple

What do you get when a few like-minded individuals sit together and discuss ways to promote Scouting in Norfolk?

The answer is Purple Press! a quarterly online publication that will contain information which is relevant, important and interesting to its readers.

Our team, headed up by Glenn Chusonis, is aiming to produce a quarterly publication full of exciting content including competitions, discounts, events, achievements and so much more!

But how will we know if it’s relevant, important and interesting? Well, that where we need YOU to help us. We’ll be looking at interviewing leaders for our “Follow the leader” segment so please if you’d like to nominate someone, email us at and we’ll add them to the list.

Likewise, we’ll be showcasing our county youth in areas where they went the extra mile or performed something special in our “Young Person Focus”, Again, please send us your nominations.

Aside from those two special areas, we also need to know what your sections are up to! The Purple Press is all about what we, as Norfolk Scouts, do. It’s your articles and your good news stories which will make up the bulk of the publication. We will also be looking at providing information on discounts available to us, competitions, skills focus, interviews, games, recipes, “Purple Pen Pals”, safety focus and so much more!

Keep an eye out for further information on our county newsletter as well as our usual social media channels.