BPA goes Underground!

This year’s BPA had the theme of the London Underground.

The Headquarters  was marked out like Kings Cross Station and had a waiting room, arrival/departures board, tube maps and a thought for the day.
A tannoy announcement directed teams to their platforms [buses] for departure around Central Norfolk.

The 30.8Km route saw 142 participants across 29 teams stop at London Bridge, Stratford, Aldwych, Tower Hill, Leicester Square and Baker Street.

The teams took part in a variety of activities and challenges including cooking, an obstacle course through an electric fence, disarming a bomb and pioneering.

Throughout the night, the teams encountered many forms of wildlife including numerous deers and rabbits within the Holkham Hall Estate.  The weather stayed clear and dry with the route being illuminated by the stars and the  moon.

Congratulations go to the winning teams; Network: Tasburgh’s Finest and  Explorer: WSJ team, WTF – Where’s The Finish?

A HUGE THANK YOU to the Holkham Estate and Creake Abbey for your support and the 105 volunteer staff that helped run the event, see you again in 2020!



Winning Network Team: Tasburgh’s Finest


Winning Explorer Team: WSJ team, WTF – Where’s The Finish?