Eastern Norwich Scouts Information Sharing Day

The Eastern Norwich Scouts had their Information Sharing day last Saturday.

Dez Bruce from the NEW Norfolk Media Team was at hand to experience the stalls and displays that marked the second, Eastern Norwich Scouts Information Sharing Day aimed at Leaders across the county.

Held at the Alec Bussey Centre in Norwich, there was a wealth of experience and knowledge on offer, not just around the tables but also from everyone who took part or visited. Amongst the information displayed were the PawPrint Badges, Bulrush Collection, Crossbows, a machine that demonstrated whether your hand washing skills were good…or not, tons of books and leaflets, County Archive collection and cake. Everyone loves cake.

The event was organised by Gwen Wilkin (ADC Cubs and Beavers) and Paula Humphrey (Section Leader, 1st GLP) with Jack Barrs (District Youth Commissioner) helping out on the day.

Gwen would like to thank those who came to the sharing day, thanks to pawprint badges, Tony Millburn for bringing his Bulrush collection, staff from Eaton Vale, David Clemow for bringing his crossbow, Colin Goff for showing about 177 rangers, Cliff for his bones and bits display, Su Mckinnell, Paula Humphrey, Jack Barrs for helping with the day in general, Caroline Lonsdale for the cake and Pat and Bill for refreshments.

If you have some #skillsforlife you wish to share – please get in touch with Norfolk Scouts andfind out how you can be part of the adventure!

E –           T : 01603 502246