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County Chair Search

Norfolk Scouts is looking for a new Chair for our Board of Trustees

We are looking to replace our Chair, Rena, following her move out of Norfolk.

The new Chair will be formally approved at our AGM in September but we are starting the search now so that the new volunteer can spend some time getting up-to-speed before formally taking over.

About our Trustees

Charity Trustees are volunteers who make some of the most important decisions in Scouting.

They are members of a group known as the Board of Trustees or Executive Committee and every Scout Group, District or County has one.

The Executive Committee in Scouting is like a board of governors in a school or directors of a company; essentially it makes sure that the best quality Scouting is delivered to young people in the local area.

The volunteers that make up the Committee give their time to ensure that Scouting continues to meet its charitable purpose: safely and legally.

Being a Trustee carries legal responsibilities that should be understood before taking on the role.

You are not expected to be an expert in every area, but are expected to:

  • use reasonable care in your work and apply your skills and experience where needed
  • act in the best interests of Norfolk Scouts and not in your own or others’ personal interests
  • ask for professional advice when you need it

The Chair is the County Commissioner’s nomination, and the two people need to be able to work closely to together.

To help the County Commissioner find a new Chair, a small search group has been organised to help select potential candidates for him to discuss the role with.

The Chair does not need to have a Scouting background, the skills of a Charity Trustee are very transferable from other charities.

If you are interested in this role, or think you know someone who would relish this challenge please review the following Role Description and complete and application/nomination form by 1 April 2019.

Role Description – County Chair

Appointment Application Form – County Chair