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Mandatory Ongoing Safety Training

Please see report below for guidance on who is required to undertake Mandatory Safety Training

Mandatory ongoing safety training.

I have recently looked at Compass to identify persons who are highlighted as being past the date of renewal of their mandatory ongoing safety training. This information has been passed to CC and DCs.

My email has generated some questions regarding who is required to undertake this ongoing training, which is an ongoing obligation for individuals. To assist the process, I direct people to the newly issued POR -January 2019, Appointments Process, which has been amended to take account of GDPR and is rewritten to clarify some of the training and ongoing mandatory training questions that are received.

Safety Training is required by all roles recorded in Table 2 of the Appointments Process as requiring an Appointments Review, together with all Trustees/Executive Member roles.

Safety training must be completed within 5 years of the role start date recorded on Compass [this initial safety training will normally be undertaken as part of Module 1]. Thereafter, for as long as the adult is in a role that requires an Appointment Review or is a Trustee role, the training must be undertaken again no later than 5 years after their last recorded Safety training completion date on Compass.

The following are some of Roles in the Appointments process document Table 2, that are not required to undertake ongoing safety training:

County:  County President or Vice President, County Appointments chair and committee members, County Scout Active support member (manager or co-ordinator must do ongoing training), county chaplain.

Districts: President/vice president, Administrators, District appointments chair, district appointments committee members, district active support members (manager or co-ordinator must do ongoing training), district chaplain.

Group:  Administrators, Chaplain, Communications manager, President/vice president, group active support members (manager or co-ordinator must do ongoing training).


If anyone has any queries on Safety or Safety Training, then I am happy to assist.

Charles Mcilwhan
County Safety Co-ordinator.