New Sections in Norwich

Local Scouting with the support of the Regional Services Team is starting a trial of Beavers and Cubs as an after school provision at Lakenham Primary School, on City Road.

The new sections will be part of the 1st Norwich Sea Scout Group, which meets just down the road and will be managed by their Group Scout Leader and Executive Committee.

A pilot will run between April and the end of the school year.

A number of new volunteers have been identified to provide programmes for the sections which will run on weekday afternoons, probably starting at 15:45.

The days that the sections will meet is yet to be decided to take into consideration volunteer availability and young people’s other interests.

The Regional Service Team will support with the recruitment of leaders and young people.

We’re looking for any existing Scouting volunteers who might consider helping out in the first few month while the new leaders find their feet, support with programme planning and introduce Scouting.

We’d also be interested to hear about any adult volunteers that a late afternoon meeting time might suit, perhaps night shift workers etc who struggle with a conventional meeting time.

Please get in touch with Deputy County Commissioner (Growth) Jane Warden