Scouting Magazine – County Recommendations

Recommended articles from the latest Scouting Magazine, chosen by the County Team.

The latest copy of the Scouting magazine is now out, and some members of the County Team have some recommendations for you on some really good articles.

You can view an online copy of the magazine by following this link



Jane Warden – Deputy County Commissioner (Growth)

10 ways to be a micro-volunteer – Pages 72-73

In the current issue of the Scouting Magazine I would encourage you to read the article about 10 ways to be a micro-volunteer

Alot of the time groups are looking for ways the young people can volunteer in the community and also raise the profile of scouting but as shown in this article doesnt have to be large scale projects, the smaller projects can work just as well

Just looking at these – not only do they cover the volunteering and community side of the World Challenge badges, but the minibeast hotel can easily be linked into the Naturalist badge  and the entertaining section linked into performance for the Creative challenge.

So have a read, volunteering in the community can be great fun and why not try and gain some local publicity whilst doing it too?


Neville Jarvis – Deputy County Commissioner (Adult Development and Support)

How to handle challenging behaviour – Page 49

A really good article by  two experts in their field of Promoting Positive Behaviour. Something which is covered in modular training and this article highlights the areas we should be aware of with useful tips to help adults and young people.





Shelly O’Keefe – Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

How to fix the plastics problem – Pages 52-57

As Scouters, we have been banging the drum about the “3 R’s” for along as we have had a woggle, but this article makes us think about how we engage with our young people to drive the message further.

The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle mantra has been expanded to encourage us to make a difference, to change our world and our attitude too.

Refuse, Repair, Repurpose, Rethink and Reform are added “R’s” that can stimulate debate, address the “throw away” mentality, undertake creative projects and campaign for change – a really great article to share with your section and see where how they would like to explore the plastics issue.

More resources to bring this subject to life within your meetings are available at The Million Hands Waterways Pack for each section and a printable activity book to use to track the activities.

Full details on links to the badge scheme are included for each activity.

Both the magazine article and the resource packs are great resources to encourage our young people to be the generation to make the difference to the plastics problem.