Can you help us?

We’ve got two exciting projects kicking off that will see more young people experience the magic of Scouting.

1st Smiles, is a Scout Group offering a monthly programme around the County to young people who are working to come to terms with the loss of a significant person in their lives.

The planned meeting dates for 1st Smiles are:

  • Saturday 25 May – Welcome and Launch at Eaton Vale
  • Saturday 29 June – Great and Little Plumstead (Eastern Norwich)
  • Saturday 20 July – Kings Lynn (venue to be confirmed) – North West Norfolk
  • Saturday 21 September – 16th Norwich (Northern Norwich)
  • Saturday 26 October – Saxlingham Nethergate (Southern Norwich)
  • Saturday 30 November – North Walsham (North East Norfolk)

Lakenham Primary School is a new Beaver Colony and Cub Pack that are part of 1st Norwich Sea Scouts meeting just after School in the School buildings and grounds.

Both sections will start in June, meeting weekly on Mondays.

Both projects are starting to build a small core of new adult volunteers that will overtime step up and take more and more responsibility for programme planning and section nights.


However to ensure a great welcome to our new colleagues and new young people in both groups, we would be grateful for any existing volunteers who would be prepared to donate a little bit of time to these projects we would love to hear from you.

We’re not looking for ongoing long term commitment, just an initial injection of skilled, knowledgeable volunteer time.

If you would like to help, let us know on this Doodle Poll (you can also see when your friends are going too! 😊)

We will contact you on your contact details from Compass

If you would rather not use the poll or would like more information please contact Jane Warden