Celebrating Success

New initiative to support the recognition of young achievers.

I remember quite well completing by Chiefs Scout’s Challenge (showing my age) as a Scout and being awarded my badge and certificate by the District Commissioner.

OK my name was spelt wrongly, but that didn’t matter when you’re 15, I remember feeling really proud and special.*


The same is still true today that young people work very hard with the support of their leaders to work towards our ‘Top Awards’ in each section or the Young Leader Belt Buckle. We must take the opportunity to celebrate their success in a way they would like.

Often this opportunity can be the boost that a young person needs to make their mind up that they would like to go up to the next section, or they would like to complete further challenges. It is also a really super way to engage mums, dads and carers too.


We’ve said as part of our plan that by 2023 we would like 1,750 young people a year achieve a Top Award. The icing on their Scout cake and something to demonstrate the unique skills and characteristics learned while Scouting.


To help you with celebrating, from 1 June 2019  the County will provide all Top Award achievers in Norfolk Scouts with their award badge and certificate at no cost to their Group or Unit.

We’re trying to keep the process simple so from now on section leaders can order the awards they need online from our website. We’ll aim to get them back to you or ready to collect within two weeks.

Order here:


I look forward to seeing lots of certificates and hope you appreciate this small gesture.


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner

*PS Please do take good care on the names… it does matter really! 😊