The sun ☀️ shines for East Norfolk this weekend!

A fabulous weekend was thoroughly enjoyed by North Yarmouth Scouts. Our first district camp for 5 of our new scouts and 1 leader. 10 scouts and 3 Leaders attended the East Norfolk District camp this year.

We anticipated the weekend to be a challenge having lost some of our older scouts to Explorers. However we were wrong! Jackie having driven straight from the Spice Girls at Wembley Stadium on Friday morning, packed 3 kit bags, loaded the trailer up and headed over to Decoy Broad with Dave her father and Scout Leader, 2 hours later!

Anticipating rain with June’s uncertain weather, Dave and Jackie set up their troop’s camp in 2 hours flat! Dave too had a hectic morning shopping for camp food, trying to leave it to the last possible minute due to horrendous weather that threatened to cancel the camp this year!

At 5pm scouts were picked up on the return journey, bags of sausage and chips scoffed on the way, chattering about what the weekend could be like.

The young people were full of excitement, on what was promised to be an amazing weekend of activities. This weekend certainly did not disappoint anyone.

Scouts created their new temporary homes for the weekend in the tented village. They agreed who they would partner with and everyone worked well together.

Football, rounders, hide and seek with games only the imagination of a child could make happen, all took place on the great space they all had to play on. Such a joy to watch children playing with other children they had met for the first time. New friendships were made this weekend that will always be remembered.

The weekend was well organised by Sue and Carrie, with a wonderful team of leaders supporting them. Everything ran super smooth.

Axe throwing, archery,shooting, problem solving, pioneering, kayaking, sailing and camp cooking were experienced and enjoyed by all. Little Preston was amazing on the water with a kayak, Emily overcame a fear and climbed up the self made pioneering bridge, Lewis felt the breeze on his face whilst sailing and recalled the memory of a grandma, Chloe kept throwing the axe until she hit the target.

I could talk about countless examples of how important these camps are. They play and an important part in our young peoples lives. They allow them to develop skills for life that are very important such as empathy, team-working and respect for others.

Whilst we sat around our camp fire, singing songs, watching sign language acts and dancing like zombies occasionally, we all reflect on the joy and pleasure we feel from the glow of our scouting family.

We are already planning our next camps inspired by our rich weekend of camping, fun and togetherness . The rain never bothered us anyway! 😁