Health & Safety

Health and Safety at events becomes more complex the larger the event and/or the more that public are involved.

In this respect it is important that the documentation of these events is accurate, relevant and available to any person who is involved in the event or has the right to inspect such events.

A document titled Event Management Plan guidance has been prepared and is attached which follows the principal guidance issued Nationally (outside of Scouting) for events.  This provides guidance on safely preparing for a small, medium or large event and guides on the type of items that need to be considered and recorded.

In addition to assist with the recording of such events, an example of an Event Management Plan Template is also attached which can be used if it assists in the recording of information for any event.

Please note that it is the collection and accurate recording of the information for an event that is important, not the format of the presentation of the information.
However use of the example template (and the guidance) will ensure you are less likely to miss out important information.

I gratefully acknowledge the comments that I have received previously, on the drafts of these documents, from a range of contacts across scouting in Norfolk.

Charles Mcilwhan
County Safety Co-ordinator

Event Management guidance scouts 30062019

Event Management plan scouts 30062019