Scouting, there through the rough times and the good! ⚜️💖⚜️

Just under a month ago young people ranging from 6 to 14 were invested into the 1st Smiles Scout Group. We asked a few young people, along with their parents, what they think of 1st Smiles and why they want to be a part of it.

Ben and Max sat down with mum Emma to tell us what they think of it!

Max and Ben are already part of a Scout Group but they were both so excited to join 1st Smiles.
1st Smiles provide the opportunity for children who have suffered loss to get out and try new things with a little extra help from Nelson’s journey. The leaders and helpers are fantastic, they give up their time for such a worthwhile cause which is helping my boys and so many others.

Ben – “I think 1st Smiles is really good and the activities are fun too. I like all the grown ups”

Max – “I’ve made new friends who understand why I’m sad or worried sometimes. I have enjoyed everything we have done with 1st smiles and I can’t wait for the next meeting”

Emma – I’m so thankful for 1st smiles for making the next part of all the children’s lives an adventure.

Thanks to Mum Emma for the picture of Ben and Max!


If you feel you have a young person who would benefit from being involved with 1st Smiles or you have time to become involved with 1st Smiles, please get in touch with Peter (GSL) and he will be happy to help.

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