1st Swaffham Cubs get up close with an Ambulance 🚑

A visit by ambulance crew to the 1st Swaffham cub pack took place on 16 July a huge thank to the East of England Ambulance Service for allowing and to Elizabeth Rose who gave up her time to come a see us.

The evening started with a small game of how many cubs you can get in the back of an ambulance which got quite warm, but whilst in the ambulance Liz explained to the cubs about the various items of kit that is carried on board and how much it cost to put a crew and ambulance on the road, this came as a bit of a shock to the cubs.

The next part of the evening Liz showed the cubs how to perform CPR and how to contact the emergency services and what questions they would be asked great Q and A which the cubs did very well.

Next Liz ran a few test on all the cubs to show them how crews can assess a patient they all enjoyed getting their own print out.

Lastly the bit they were all looking forward to getting in to the cab and setting off the siren and blue lights.  All in all a great night was had by all and something that we will repeat again a big thank to Liz she spoke to  the cubs with great respect and at a level that they could understand.

Q. How many can you get in the back

A. 2 Leaders  15 cubs and 1 crew member.

If you would like to arrange a visit please contact