When the I in TEAM is Information

What would you normally associate the acronym MIX with, in Scouting?

The answer you would be looking for is Meeting, Information and Xcitement!

This is what Marylyn Evans, County Appointments Chairman achieved on the 14th of September.

Her objective was to formulate a day to work together as the county appointments advisory committee and district to look at what challenges everyone faces and discuss how they can support one another, going forward.

Subjects such as reviews and how they can get them in line to actually being done so that people can be valued. Marylyn advised, “The whole thing was about valuing the people that we deal with and the roles they carry out.”

Organised and run by Marylyn for her county appointments team of 23 people who only meet once a year, this year they thought it would be helpful to show district panels that they were there to help them out and to demonstrate how all districts can work together.

Overall it was felt and commented on to be a very positive day with good feedback and the word “TEAM” was the word being used most often, which is exactly what Marylyn was trying to achieve.

The team have been asked to do this every year to monitor how suggestions and actions are progressing.

Marylyn said, “One of the things that came out of this meeting was the suggestion of an online booking system so that people can book onto an appointments panel at a time that suits them”.

Asked if it was worthwhile, Marylyn said “It was a great day working together, getting to know each other, having chats over lunch as well as forming mentorships. An awful lot was covered, Ideas were fomed and worked on as a team.”

Marylyn would like to thank everyone for coming and contributing with a special thank you to Pam Walker.

Dez Bruce, County Media Team.