Mini Census 3

We’ve opened up our final mini census of 2019, please take part!

Following on from the your work earlier this year, this activity is proving to provide really useful data, gathering and building a continuous picture of the changes in numbers in Norfolk Scouts

As a final snapshot before the main census in January – I would ask that you complete this for us one last time this year.

Here’s the link

This can be completed by anyone in the group and is just a snapshot on the day you complete it – the link will be open from today (7 November) until 30 November.

Please ensure that young leaders are included in the Explorer Scout figures unless they are only a Young Leader and then need to be in the District Young Leader only pot.

If young people are moving between sections, please count them in the section they are currently invested in.

Once this data is collated I will be sharing this with the DCs in early December to see where the figures are potentially projecting for the main census

As usual this does not have to be completed by Southern Norfolk – please complete your data as normal and this will be shared with me to complete the mini census

Thank you for your help and any questions ping me a message to


Central Norfolk were first to complete last time by this method – who will it be this time??


Jane Warden | Deputy County Commissioner (Growth)