Welcome Keith!

Norfolk’s first Deputy County Commissioner for People is Keith Coote.

Following a search process, I am delighted to welcome Keith Coote to the Norfolk Scout Senior Management Team in the role of Deputy County Commissioner (People).

Keith will be accountable for the following areas:

  • Providing a culture of initial and continuous learning and development through activities led by the County Training Team.
  • Ensuring and enhancing safe Scouting experiences through activities led by the Safety Coordinator and Safeguarding Awareness Coordinators.
  • Driving our ambition to be inclusive and accessible to all through reasonable adjustment activities led by the Assistant County Commissioner (Inclusion) and potential inclusion support network.

I know that Keith has drive in all these areas, whilst relatively new to Scouting he brings talent from his experience as a health and safety consultant and a career with the Police service.

Our priority now is to shape the rest of Keith’s team and continue on our mission to ensure we have a high quality Adult Training provision and that new volunteers a fabulous welcome to Norfolk Scouts.

Commenting on his appointment Keith said “ What a great time to join the County Team!

I am looking forward to shaping the new County Training Manager roles and fine tuning these in conjunction with the Local Training Manager and Training Advisers.

I will be working with Jane to support the induction of new leaders and helpers. Reviewing their ‘first contact’ with Scouting, will be at the top of my priority list.

We want to ensure that they are given the confidence in the shortest time possible, to enable them to get on with the job of being leaders with their local Scout Group. This is a must for all Scout Managers across the County.

Forming a rolling training calendar for the next 12 months is a key objective, so that our volunteers working towards a wood badge can understand their commitments.

I also intend to look at Safety, Safeguarding and Inclusion and how we support Scouting locally on these topics.

I’ll also be working with David and Shelly to continue to build out our ongoing learning opportunities to equip Section Leaders with the practical skills and knowledge needed to deliver a challenging and adventurous programme.”


Please join me in welcoming Keith in his new role.


Matthew Burrell | County Commissioner