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Iceni House Fire

A statement from Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre

During the afternoon of Tuesday 31 March there was a fire in Iceni House at Eaton Vale Scout and Guide Activity Centre. The fire was spotted by members of the public who called the fire service, the fire alarm was also activated.

We are hugely grateful to the amazing fire service who quickly brought the fire under control and contained it within a specific area.

Unusually, due to the current coronavirus restrictions the site and buildings were empty at the time and therefore no one was onsite to be harmed by the fire.

We would like to confirm that the building has not been burnt down, it is still standing and damage has been contained to a specific area of the roof. However the damage caused is significant, both to the structure of the roof, the bedrooms below it and water damage through to the ground floor as a result of putting out the fire.

We are working closely with our insurers to firstly secure the building and establish the cause of the fire and from them on to work with them to restore Iceni House to its former glory. However recognising that the current climate that we are operating in makes this task a little more difficult than it would perhaps normally be.

We will be in touch with guests and customers who have bookings in Iceni House as soon as we are in a position to give informed and accurate information. We would ask for your support and patience at this time as we work through this process.

We would like to extend our huge thanks to the many people who have reached out to us at this challenging time, either with messages of support and offers of help and assistance. We feel very cared for and supported by our community and thank each and every one of you. As much as we appreciate and would like to take up these offers of support and assistance with current government guidelines at the forefront of our minds, we are presently unable to accept these.