St George’s Day 2020

Join in, Tune in or just stop: Let’s all remake our promise on Thursday 23 April at 19:45

Here’s the link to our TV show that airs at 19:45 tonight on YouTube!


As you know we’ve had to make big changes to the way we Scout, and St. George’s day this year will be no exception.

So instead of being able to celebrate our national day, which is also a day when Scouts have traditionally come together and renew their promises in person, we have had to seek an alternative.

Norfolk Scouts believe, we have (In the words of our own Chief Scout, Bear) adapted, innovated and in turn overcome the challenges that COVID-19 presents us to share three ways all of us can mark St George’s day this year:

1. Join in

If you’re able, we’d love for you at group or section level to host your own online meeting so you can celebrate St. George’s day together.

You should aim to remake your promise at about 19:45 along with the rest of Norfolk Scouts. Make sure you’re finished in time to let your young people take part in #clapforcarers at 20:00 if they want to.


2. Tune in

On Thursday the 23 April we invite anyone not taking part in an online meeting  to join us for a one off TV masterpiece, where everyone can renew their promise. We’ll be finished in time for you to take part in the #clapforcarers at 20:00.

You can find the TV Show on YouTube.


3. Just stop

Alternatively you might not be comfortable with the tech or you may be a key worker. You could take a moment to reflect, perhaps with your family, or even on your own to remember the past, and look to the wonderful future we all have in store once this is all over and remake your promise in private.

Feel free to wear your uniform for this event, or just a necker if that feel more appropriate.

We’d love to see pictures of promises being remade please share them on our Social Media channels. #norfolkpromise

Your online meeting

If you’re a section leader here are some ideas for a meeting themed on our promise:

The promise and alternatives

The world membership award

The Scout laws

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