Jack is first to complete the Scout in the House Challenge

“When the world stayed apart…we carried on Scouting”

Jack who is a Beaver at 12th Kings Lynn Scout Group is the first in the County to complete theNorfolk Scout’s “Scout in the House” Challenge

Jack’s Mum said:
“We started working towards Jacks Beaver badges to stop him being on the Xbox all day, and then once we started we couldn’t stop.
Jack enjoys making videos and explaining to people what he has done and whilst missing being able to go to Beavers it’s great that the 12th have been really supportive and enabled him do the badges and challenges at home to keep him busy. It also provides a variety of things to do other than just school work and we have also shared some of the work with Jack’s school to show what he has been doing.
Jack chose the activities he wanted to complete from the ‘Scout in the House’ Challenge as part of his Personal Challenge Badge. The Postman Pals challenge from the Great Indoors list was the first letter that Jack has done all by himself and probably wouldn’t have been something he would have done otherwise. Also we are now enjoying watching other people’s posts of the work they are doing towards their badges.”

Jack said:
“My favourite activity badge was the Space Badge because I learnt more about the different planets but Mum liked the Global Issues Badge best because of the Water Filter experiment and I was shocked it worked.
My favourite part of the Scout in the House Challenge was building my tent because it will help me when I get to go camping with Cubs and Scouts”

Cherry (Tracey) Beaver Scout Leader said:
“Just before ‘lockdown’ we put together some Beaver Scout activity bags; badge work books, loom bands for mini pioneering, soap to carve, glasses to decorate (along with pens) that were planned for mother’s day, seeds to plant, key rings and coasters to decorate.
We have continued, on our closed Facebook page, to encourage and support the children with their badge work and have now got everyone set up on OSM ‘Badges at Home’.
We have had a home camp/den sleepover and put together a video for our local care home to cheer them up too. I am determined that the children remember this unusual time spent at home for other reasons than all the upset on the TV and around us at the moment.
Hopefully Jack and the other Beavers, Cubs and Scouts won’t remember ‘lockdown’, they will remember earning all their Beavers badges, challenge awards, having fun and learning new skills!”