A message from Bajestic…

She wants to see your Kou Kou Move!

Hi everyone, remember me? I’m Bajestic the Norfolk Scout dragon.

I live at Eaton Vale where I have been self-isolating since the team had to stop coming to work. We did have some excitement a few weeks ago when the roof caught fire, I think Susan the Centre Manager thought I might have been breathing fire again but the fire crews said that it wasn’t me.


No one is camping here at the moment and that makes me a bit sad, but then I heard that many camps are being held at home over the next two weekends (2/3 May 9/10 May). That sounds like a lot of fun and reminded me of when I went camping at NORJAM 2018.

I didn’t fly to NORJAM due to air traffic restrictions near the airport.

One of the most memorable bits (well it got stuck in my head!) was the morning warm up each day in the Scout Store Arena. Can you remember the Kou Kou Move?


I’ve had a word with my friend Jane who has helped be organise something special.

We’re going to live stream the NORJAM warm ups on the next two Saturdays!

Kou Kou move at NORJAM 2018

Here’s some more details…


NORJAM 2018 Morning warm up – 15 mins max – including Kou Kou Move


A lot of groups are having virtual camps the next 2 weekends – so why not we would like to provide you with a morning activity that anyone can log into watch and join in.  Remember NORJAM morning warmup?  This is will be version of this.


Streamlined via Facebook live – using Bajestics facebook account – please like the page and you will be notified when its going live

Also to be streamed via You tube live – just subscribe to Norfolk Scouts


10.00am on Saturday 2 and 9 May




Please add onto your virtual camp programme or just join in with us at home – see you all there!

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But hey if you want practice…