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Grants that may be available to Scout Groups and Districts because of the coronavirus crisis

A message from Richard Garwood, Norfolk Scouts Chair.

As Chair of the Norfolk Scouts’ Board of Trustees I wanted to raise all Scout Groups’ and Districts’  attention to grants that may be available from HM Governments schemes to support through the current crisis.

Many of these schemes use the word ‘business’ in their terminology but don’t think that this means just companies as many also apply to community groups and charities too.

These schemes are administered by the local District Councils on behalf of the Government.


You are more likely to qualify if:

  • You have your own meeting place
  • You are liable for business rates (even if you receive a full rebate – i.e. pay nothing)

There are specific rules that look at rateable value etc.


As we are all aware the current ‘lockdown’ and suspension of all Scouting activities (save for online events) brings with it financial concerns. There is potential assistance by way of grants. We highly recommend that Group and District executives explore this avenue and we do have examples within the County of successful applications.

Some organisations will be contacted directly by their relevant district council, however, we would advise you to pre-empt this by completing an application asap.

Each Council will have slight variations of process which will be available on their websites (links below) – successful applicants have said this is a straight forward process so please don’t be put off.


This is an example of wording used by Broadland District Council in communication to a Scout Group who received a grant for £10,000.

“The Small Business Grant Fund will be available in early April 2020 to assist businesses that are in receipt of either Small Business Rate Relief or Rural Rate Relief.

The main exception to this is that you will not be eligible for a grant if your property is occupied for a personal use. Examples of personal use include private stables and loose boxes, private storage, moorings and car park/parking spaces.

The grants will be administered by the Council’s Business Rates Team and in order to process your payment we are required to collect specific information from our businesses. Your prompt action in providing this detail will ensure we can make the payment to you as soon as possible, once we have confirmed that you will qualify.”


If you do not qualify for the Small Business Grand Fund you may qualify for the another fund called Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Relief fund.

Scout bodies in Norwich City Council and South Norfolk have received similar grants. The wording in each communication was slightly differant.


We’ve pulled together links to the support pages from Norfolk’s District Councils:




Great Yarmouth

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

North Norfolk

Norwich City

South Norfolk


We hope this may be of help in these difficult times, and wish you well in your application.


There is full information available on including help to find an check business rates value.

There is also supporting information on – click on ‘Grants for local Scouts’.

Richard Garwood

Chairman – on behalf of Board of Trustees

*Please seek your own legal or financial advice, each Scout Group will be in differing situations and may not be able to apply.