Step aside Fiona Bruce

County Commissioner, Matthew takes part in online Question Time session

Matthew joined with Scouts from 17th Norwich (St George’s) who were taking part in their ‘Camp at home’ for a 30 minute question and answer session.

A wide range of questions were asked, all submitted by the Scouts.

Asked, what was the most memorable challenge Matthew had completed in Scouting, he replied that he thought it was probably completeing his Queen’s Scout Award. The certificate is still up on the wall and he is reminded everyday of the adventures that it involved.

Other questions included:

  • How long have you been in Scouting? – 31 years (!)
  • What are your favourite campsites? – Gradbach, Drum Hill and Eaton Vale
  • What skills do you need to be a County Commissioner? – Patience and empathy
  • What have you been doing during lockdown? – Working from home and Scouting from home. Also clearing out the loft, lots of gardening and has found out his model railway!
  • What are you really looking forward to after lockdown? – A cup of tea with this mum

Matthew was asked what will he take from his lockdown experience once it is over?

He would hope to have a fresh sense of value for the freedom that we have to pretty much go anywhere at any time we want.

He also wanted to try and bring back a more traditional Sunday routine. He has noticed that during lock down every weekday felt like a Friday and every weekend day seemed like a Sunday.

Sunday has become a bit normal with the shops open and rushing around to try and get things done. He has really enjoyed that the pace seems to have slowed at weekends so is going to try and cram things into Saturdays going forward to have more time for activities with friends and family on a Sunday.

The session was finished with a anonymous question* submitted – Who was Matthew’s favourite Eaton Vale employee? He said that every member of the team brought something special to Eaton Vale, they are a terrific bunch but do all have one thing in common, they are all a bit bonkers! 🙂

*(an Eaton Vale employee’s sister was spotted on the call)