18 – 24 May is Mental Health Awareness week

How you can support a positive attitude toward mental health.

Dealing with changes and how we react to these can be difficult which has an effect on our mental health.

Mental health is just like physical health. Everybody has it and needs to look after it.

If you fall over and hurt yourself, you would go to the hospital, tell the doctor what happened and get checked over to make sure you do not have any broken bones.

This is the same as for our mental health.

If you are feeling sad or worried and you are not sure about how to make yourself feel better, it is important to talk to someone so that you can get the right help and support for your mental health.


Mental Health Awareness week

18 – 24 May is Mental Health Awareness (MHA) Week, an initiative spearheaded by the Mental Health Foundation.

This year the theme for MHA Week is kindness.

At this unique and unsettling time in our world is important that we take time to investigate how the quantities of change, negative news and social distance is impacting us. As volunteers we’re excellent at looking out for our young people’s wellbeing but it just as important that we look out for ourselves and each other too.


Here’s some ways to get involved


Kind words

Is there someone in Scouting who you think is marvellous and super-kind. Do they inspire you and help you?

Why not send them some ‘kind words’? You don’t have to reveal who you are and you don’t know your recognition might be the little boost that person needs.

Say your kind words here and we’ll pass them on for you.



The Scouts conducted research that incidated  young people’s mental wellbeing is going to be disproportionately affected by the current coronavirus crisis, and yet it’s not being widely talked about.

The Scouts are prompting  young people to share Three for 3. Write (or draw) three things they’re doing to look after your mental wellbeing during this challenging time and share these ideas with three other people.

Find out more about Three for 3 at


Include supporting positive mental health in your programmes

There are 18 pre-built programme activities on for all sections. Most of these can be run remotely or online with little or no adaption.

Why not take a look.


Ongoing learning to support yourself and young people

Why not commit some time to do some ongoing learning about mental health.

County Training Manager (Basics) – Kim Smith has shared some ideas of so learning options, find them here.

Our County Queen’s Scout Award and Scouts of the World Award coordinator, Carl Meadows suggested these links for more support too:


Reflect on what we have to be thankful for

Scouts have always taken moments to reflect together.  Rev. Paul Cubitt will be leading a virtual Scout’s Own on Thursday 21 May at 19:00.

Click here to get involved.


Have a chin-wag!

Our County Commissioner, Matthew Burrell will be hosting ‘after work drinks’ on Friday 22 May at 18:00.

This will be via Zoom.

There’s no fixed agenda it’s just a time to talk and enjoy each other’s company (there will be a raffle!) Sign up using Eventbrite to let us know you want to come.