Mental Health Awareness – ongoing learning

In light of the current times we all find ourselves in, it is really important that as leaders, we have an insight into mental health, for ourselves, our colleagues and the young people we guide through scouting.

I was fortunate to take part in a webinar the other week on a session delivered by a Scouter and mental health professional Jay Thompson.

The presentation was very thought provoking and highlighted different coping mechanisms and strategies. Jay has uploaded his presentation to You Tube and I would highly recommend that leaders view this as an aid to the current ‘norm’ we find ourselves in.

Additionally, the following link to the Red Cross will give some useful information and quizzes.

Red Cross – Mental health and coronavirus

Leaders can use both of these as part of their annual ongoing learning which can be logged on your Compass training records, if in doubt contact your Local Training Manager or County Training Manager.



Kim Smith – County Training Manager (Basics)