We’re looking for a good communicator

We’ve got a vacancy for a volunteer to co-ordinate our digital and traditional media campaigns

The role of County Media and Communication Manager supports the county team to create promotional positive media coverage in print, online and broadcast which helps create a modern perception of Scouting and understanding that we provide Skills for Life.

The candidate will be tech savvy and have the ability to plan a holistic communication approach that engages our exisitng membership, potential members and supporters.

A background in media, marketing or experience delivering a communication plan would be very useful in what can be quite a busy role.

Take a look at the role description and if you’re interested send an application to or noiminate someone you think could fit this role.

If you’d like more information please contact the County Commissioner, Matthew Burrell

Deadline for applications: 4 June 2020*

Role description – Media and Communication Manager

Appointment Application Form – Comms


*Please note that currently to support social distancing that face-to-face Scouting is suspended, please bear with us with the extra complexity that can provide.