Care for care homes

Over the next few weeks the Scouts are asking our young people to collectively take 10,000 acts of kindness to help residents in their local care home.

Join us in reducing the loneliness and improving the wellbeing of people in care homes as we collectively carry out 10,000 acts of kindness.

Care homes have been hit incredibly hard by the current global pandemic, from residents falling ill to being separated from their loved ones. Our young people have told us that they usually help care homes throughout the year and that the current crisis shouldn’t stop that from happening.


Hear from Scouts Ambassador, Ed Stafford…

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How can we or are we helping?

If you’re a Norfolk Scouts volunteer we’d love to hear if your group or section are already in a relationship with a care home, particularly if you’re showing them kindness during the lockdown. Or may be you work in a care home and can see the loneliness at the front line and would be happy to put a section in touch.

Perhaps your section would like to get involved but would like some help to spark up a contact in a care home.

Fill out this form to let us know what you’re doing or what help you need


Adults, make some programmes out of this activity

The County Youth Programme team have colleated the following support material to help make programmes from this activity.

Care for Care Homes – Introduction

Care for Care Homes – Send a Video Message – Worksheet

Care for Care Homes – Writing Letters & Drawing Pictures – Worksheet

Care For Care Homes – Kindness Rocks – Worksheet

Care for Care Homes – Colouring in templates