Sadly, we’ve cancelled our next Jamboree planned for 2022

As a direct result of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak the Board of Trustees of Norfolk Scouts has taken the difficult decision to cancel NORJAM 2022.

Here’s a message from our County Commissioner, Matthew Burrell and County Chair, Richard Garwood.


Some questions and answers about this announcement.


Why is the Norfolk Scouts’ Board of Trustees the body to make this decision?

As the sponsors of NORJAM, the County Board of Trustees instruct the NORJAM Executive to organise a jamboree. Ultimately Norfolk Scouts underwrite the event, we take regular check points and seek guidance from the Executive to the risk status of the Jamboree.

At our most recent check point the level of risk of a poor jamboree experience being held was rated as high.


Why has the Norfolk Scouts’ Board of Trustees taken this action?

There are a number of reasons why we have made the decision to not hold NORJAM 2022 but primarily the reasons are:

  • To make sure that we can run a NORJAM at a point in time when we feel we are best placed to ensure the safety of young people and volunteers.
  • To make sure that we have access to the best volunteer skills and suppliers to deliver the quality scouting and guiding experience that has become a trademark of NORJAM.
  • To avoid the uncertainty in place at the moment of what a ‘new’ normal will look like and the impact that will have on a jamboree.
  • To reduce the financial risk that arranging an event during this period that our charity could be exposed to.
  • To allow time for new health or safety processes or systems to be in place and matured, and to learn from the experience of larger events organised by ourselves and others.
  • To allow the build up of delayed or postponed Scouting events from 2020 to work through.


Is this purely a financial decision?

No. We have to show good governance to all elements of the management of our charity and NORJAM, finance is one of these.


Is this an impact of the change of venue for NORJAM?

Partially, we have secured a venue and are confident that it is suitable to provide an excellent jamboree. However it is expected that using a new venue we will require more site visits and factfinding. This is impossible at the moment and unclear when that type of work could resume.


Was there a team in place to deliver NORJAM 2022?

Yes, a team of directors had been recruited. They have been consulted about the decision. Many have committed to support us with future events.


Were young people consulted in the decision process?

Yes, the County Board of Trustees included two under 25 year old representatives as well as our County Youth Commissioner who were involved in the discussions.

All three were extremely disappointed but agreed that this was the most appropriate way to proceed.


Could we not run NORJAM in 2022 if we just work really hard next year?

We think that it would be unrealistic to try and organise the event in a shorter timeframe and would put too greater pressure on the team.

The County Commissioner has been clear that he would like adult volunteers to focus during 2021 on providing an amazing year of programme to help make up for lost time in 2020 and have a positive impact in local communities.


Could NORJAM not have just been delayed by one or two years?

In theory yes, however we are acutely aware of ‘the jamboree cycle’, the traditional rotation that jamborees take place and we know some groups who jamboree camp every summer follow.

We also are keen not to ‘compete’ with another local jamboree like Essex, CamJam or Poacher which we now many Norfolk groups enjoy.

Many of our volunteer teams and suppliers also serve this events as well as NORJAM.

We believe skipping a jamboree will retain that balance.


Some Norfolk Scouts will now not have the ability to attend a NORJAM

We understand that and are sad about it.

Some may be able to attend as Explorer Scouts.

We’re also looking to run some smaller Cub and Scout events, that will not compensate for NORJAM but give people something to look forward to.