Eastern Norwich District Space Camp 2020

We have Lift off – Eastern Norwich Space camp@home  2020!

Over the Bank holiday weekend during what would’ve been half term, the team at Eastern Norwich, decided to create an experience, that was out of this world,  the District travelled to space together, from homemade dens and tents, inside homes or in the garden.

Assistant District Commissioner Gwen said, “The way we thought to run it was to have a dedicated Facebook group and email, for those that don’t wish to use social media, our Facebook group grew to over 300 families taking part, and more as some are sending evidence to their section leaders.

In these strange times, we had requests whether the camp could be undertaken the weeks either side of the main camp, which met with our approval, as our aim was to get the District together, and boy did our wonderful young people and families do just that.

We set a list of 5 activities, that had to be done, put a tent/den up inside or outside and sleep in it for 1 or 2 nights, cook something outside, have a photo taken in the top half of your uniform, go for your daily exercise, wearing your scarf (and if you were self isolating inside), then we asked the Beavers and Cubs to complete 3 more activities and the Scouts and Explorers 4 more activities, we used some of the activities from Pawprint family, Astronaut Challenge pack, and created some of our own, we then had Zoom meetings for each section, where they got to ask Mark Shuttleworth, questions about his time as a cosmonaut, there were some awesome questions.

Some of the activities were:
To find out about Tim Peake, make the phases of the moon, make a space suit for a toy, have balloon rocket races, make a galaxy jar, make space goo/slime, make a constellation, make space ice cream, make a moon base, land a space rover, and learn to moonwalk, we gave ideas for recipes and some of the activities, but how the families interpreted this was down to them, and the ideas that sprung up on the Facebook were fantastic.”

DC, Barry Manley said “I thought I would log on to Facebook to see what was going on, but it’s addictive watching you all, seeing what you are doing to join in”.

Eastern Norwich had over 300 on the Facebook group, from around our district but they also invited 1st Sheringham and Beeston Regis, and some from the Lakenham School group too.

It’s safe to say that Eastern Norwich plus invited guests, came together for a weekend that was out of this world.

Gwen has shared some of the great space themed activities on the Programmes to Share page of the Norfolk Scouts website – have a read and maybe you could blast off into outer space too…