Emily is the 100th Scout in the House

Emily from 17th Norwich Scout Group is the 100th achiever of the Scout in the House Challenge.

Emily said: “Over the past couples of weeks, I have been taking part in some of the ‘Scout in the House’ challenges.
I was the 100th person to complete it!

I started off by doing a few of the challenges to help get the young people in my group more involved. I ended up enjoying them so much that I tried to complete as many as I possibly could, and so completed the challenge myself. All of the challenges were easily accomplishable with items that could be found at home and with a bit of creativity.

One of the best things about the ‘Scout in the House’ challenges is that it gave me something to do with these endless days. It allowed me to put some of my scouting skills to the test and it got me thinking about all the great times I have had in the past 13 years of scouting. Creating the collage of my favourite times in scouting was almost impossible to do as I have far too many pictures to fit into one collage!

I think it is great how many scouts are getting involved. It really brought all of the scouts in my group together and was the beginning of our online meetings and virtual camp. The challenges got everyone talking and sharing ideas, doing something other than schoolwork or playing video games. Most of the scouts posted their completed challenges onto the group Facebook page, which meant that everyone could see what they had been up to and inspired others to copy and adapt their ideas until there were some truly amazing projects being built.

It has also inspired us, as leaders, to start hosting more virtual meetings including: a bingo night (of which I won 3 times, I didn’t take the prizes though), a virtual escape room and Taskmaster night.

I would urge anyone who hasn’t started the ‘Scout in the House’ challenge to give it a go!
You can fit in challenges here and there as you see fit. You can adapt each challenge to your skills and ability -so it really is achievable by anyone! Even more reason to take part is that some of these challenges can help towards other scout badges as well.

In our troop we have over 100 badges to send out to our young people for what they have achieved by doing ‘Scout in the House’.

This collage was created by Emily as part of her challenge: