Camp@home with Eastern Norwich

Following on from Eastern Norwich’s first successful camp@home, held in May and space themed, they thought we would host another one. The team decided the theme and activities adding in campfire, flag break and sunset ceremonies.

During the weekend, Sheringham and Beeston Regis Scout group joined in and some of the Beavers from North Walsham (Saturday Colony) also enjoyed the fun!

The young people and leaders had fun completing various activities including the necker flip, the face wriggles, making pringle rings, building spaghetti towers and a whole lot more. Variations of activities were planned to suit all sections, and some completed the Norjam warm-up as part of their daily exercise.

Their previous Space camp in May saw special guests attend Zoom meetings. John Law attended 3 zoom meetings, which were held for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts/Explorers and then Dan Keeley spoke to scouts/explorers/leaders about mental health and how he dealt with his own mental health. Dan spoke of his Rome to Home run to raise money and help highlight mental health awareness and also told the happy campers how he’s planning to run around the UK in 2021 to help raise further awareness and create hubs for people to meet to maintain their mental health.

Deputy District Commissioner Gwen would to thank everyone for taking part and the team for helping to put the whole thing together.

See below some quotes from Scouting members who took part in the special camp@home!
“This camp was really enjoyable because of the range of activities available. I felt that there was a good selection for each section and I really enjoyed the chocolate campfire banana/apple thing and the pancakes. I think the speech with Dan Keeley was very inspirational and was worth watching. Overall, this camp was very fun and I would do it again.” – Layla, Scout, 17th Norwich

“This camp was very fun and interesting. I very much enjoyed the activities and different challenges, and the zoom meetings were very good. My favourite part was the talk with Dan Keeley. It was very interesting and inspiring, all round it was good and I really enjoyed it.” – Scarlett, Explorer & Young Leader, 17th Norwich

“I felt that this was a nice paced camp – not rushed- the challenges in advance helped with planning the weekend and gave the girls the chance to plan their camp, without input from me.” Sarah, Leader, 17th Norwich