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Do you use Online Scout Manager?

Consider sharing your data with the Scouts.

Most Scout Groups have been using Online Scout Manager (OSM) for years, so they’ll already be aware of the benefits it brings at a local level.

The Scouts have entered a new partnership with OSM  designed to both help volunteers at ground level and to help us access critical data in emergencies, so we can act quicker to keep young people safe in emergencies.

For Groups that opt-in, the safeguarding team may access specific personal details (name/DOB/contact details) of members in OSM as a last resort if the information cannot be obtained through the usual channels or in the event of an emergency. This is only accessible by the safeguarding team, used to protect children, and their access will be logged within OSM’s audit trail for you to see.

Specific headquarters staff will also gain access to statistical data from Groups that have opted-in, with non-personally-identifiable information (eg age/gender/geographical distribution) to allow us to better measure our impact. This will help us attract funding and grow our movement in the UK.

Districts and Counties won’t have access to any new data/functionality within OSM, although we may share some statistical data to help them to support you.

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Our watch this video

OSM data sharing – 17 June 2020 from The Scout Association on Vimeo.